The battery in our vehicle is easy to take for granted because it usually just works, so we tend to forget about it until there's a problem. But car batteries have a tough job, responsible for turning over the ignition, powering all of the lights, and running various systems like driver aids, heating and cooling, and infotainment. And while a dead battery is often just an inconvenience, if you're caught out in the Foxborough cold, the situation can be dangerous. So, it's important to be able to know signs of battery strain and when to have yours tested or swapped out.

What are signs of a bad battery?

Fortunately, you can recognize a potential battery issue before it becomes problematic by looking for a few tell-tale signs. Bring your VW to Volkswagen of Norwood for a battery test if you notice symptoms like:

  • The Battery/Check Engine light illuminates
  • Ignition seems sluggish or strained
  • The battery appears to be leaking or has corroded terminals
  • The battery case appears swollen
  • The lights dim when operating the AC

Car batteries are generally very reliable and can last three to five years or more, depending on the operating conditions and your driving habits. However, after the three-year mark, it's recommended to have it tested twice annually.

How Long Does a Battery Replacement Take? What else is included?

As automotive technologies advance, replacing a battery can become less straightforward. But the factory-trained technicians here at Volkswagen of Norwood have the experience and specialized equipment necessary to diagnose any issues and replace the battery, if necessary. In addition to replacing the battery, technicians will also run the required testing procedures and perform a multi-point inspection to ensure everything else is in order. In total, a battery replacement can take 30 minutes to one hour.

Get VW battery service near Stoughton and Dedham,

Reach out to Volkswagen of Norwood today for more information about battery service and the recommended maintenance for your specific VW model. And if you notice any signs of battery trouble, you can schedule Volkswagen service quickly and easily via our website. We'll be happy to assist you.

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